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Awards Section

"To be the best of nothing is not the target, To be the best of the best is the goal "

Federation Database Millenium Award A2000 AWARD

The Federation Database Deep Space Station has determent that Medical Log : Supplimental
shall receve the highest award of all. The site has a wide net of information, has a great navigation
system and are fully funtional i any browser. The site has expanded over the last year but still
has the site have the original idea of StarTrek. The site owner have proved that he is in great knowlege
of webdesign, webprogramming and the mot importent thing of all, well informed of StarTrek.

Well done ML Supplemental.
Commander T.Kuru FD DSS


Federation Database Millenium Award A2000 Second Best AWARD

The Federation Database Deep Space Station has determent that the second best
StarTrek site of 1999-2000 is Steves Trek Page.
His site is always up to date, he got a easy way of navigation, simple but well done graphics in his site.
He is bringing the truth of StarTrek out to people so every one can enjoy what oure
future has got to offer.

Well done Steve.
Commander T.Kuru FD DSS


This site has been awarded by many other StarTrek sites on the Internet.
I have sorted them in order newest first and oldest last.
Take a look and see who they are and why I was awarded.


The Federation award of great webdesign is given out to sites that are made great in web design and graphics. To apply for this award you just fill out the form below and see if you are awarded.

Station Artist Corner Awarded stardate 9908.04
Steves Trek Page Awarded stardate 9908.05
LCARS Awarded stardate 9912.18


The Federation Database Award is given out to the sites that are created for StarTrek, information, webrings, fan clubs, artists and more. To be awarded the site needs to have the Disclamier of Paramount Pictures, see at my main page you can use my text, a area of StarTrek only, or hole the site, easy to navigate around the site, a fast site to use - no long time waiting for music, images and more.

The award is now in three levels

If you belive you deserve this award and your site has the value so it can be awarded by us then fill out the form below and we will se.

Awarded sites by Federation Database Deep Space Station

Site Name Award image Awarded stardate
Steves Trek Page 9905.20
MJ's StarTrek Web Site 9905.20
Medical Log Supplimental 9905.21
Station Artist Corner 9906.13
The Padd 9911.28
The Gateway


The LCARS Federation Databank 9912.18
Guina Bar and Grille 9912.26


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