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MY awards

"To be the best of nothing is not the target, To be the best of the best is the goal "

This Subspace Awards Net site is owned by
Tobias Kuru.

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Bad Guys Award This award came stardate 200001.17
The LCARS Website This message came stardate 200001.15

You are givent the LCARS Award
Visit Guinas Bar And Grille This message came stardate 9912.28

Your page is still more that worthy of the award!
Visit Steves Trek Page This message came stardate 9908.30

Greetings, The votes have been tabulated in the recently completed round of the ACA.
Your site has received an ACA rank of Vice-Admiral.

Congratulations Steve
This is a member candidate award .
To be a candidate you need a weba ward from
MJ, apply at his website
or click on the logo.
This award is presented by Agent 675 and cannot be applied for by anyone at any time
I just say thank's agent 675 for this award..
This came to me by e-mail stardate 9908.07
I determined that your site meets my criteria
for being a Gold Crew site Congratulations from Steve.
This came by subspace signal 9906.09
Hello! I was just visiting your site and I must say that I am impressed with the quality of work on your site. It is obvious to me that you spent a great deal of time putting your site together and you most definately deserve the Starbase 214 Site Excellence Award.
This came by e-mail to me stardate 9905.26
Greetings, Congratulations on your award, I am pleased to present you with an Ambassador Spocks Personal Sci-Fi Picks, award for excellence. Due to the large amount of gaming pages, I have decided to limit the gaming pages to the gold award, as the highest
for them.
Sincerely, Ambassador Spock Area51 Community Leader.
This came to me by e-mail stardate 9905.21
I am pleased to present you with my highest standard award, with the rank of Captain.
Congratulations from Michael Angelo, III

MJ's Comments of my site is : Federation Database Deep Space Station won my top award on stardate 9905.21, with a score of 56 out of a possible 60 points. This site is relatively new and small, but already shows a great deal of effort having been put into it so far. The database contains information on the Star Trek movies, and the newer television series, as well as the ships named Enterprise. I would suggest you check in at the site often to see what progress its author, Tobias Kuru, is making with it. I gave him the rank of Captain at my discretion because of his efforts and several terrific features, including an image-mapped menu bar. Keep up the good work Tobias. Federation Database Deep Space Station has joined the other sites above in my competition for my favorite site of the 20th Century award to be given in January of the year 2000