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StarTrek Sites Of The internet

I have collected som good StarTrek sites here.
The sites are from my own jugment
If you would like to have your site added here please let me know.

FD DSS AWARD - Site has a Award from 1999
WAD - Wision of webdesign award

G - Gold Awarded site
S - Silver Awarded site
B - Bronze Awarded site

Steves Trek Page FD DSS AWARD WAD
Steves Trek Page has won my award of True StarTrek Site.
This site has been made to use as a center of StarTrek, full of
good webrings and other good sites. He has a award area were he
gives out awards to websites that are good.

MJ's StarTrek WebSite FD DSS AWARD
MJ has awarded my site in the rank of Captain.
He has a well made site full of information.
He is awarding site to the battle of 20th century award.

Medical Log : Supplemental FD DSS AWARD
This is a true website of StarTrek Deep Space Nine.
He has it all, well made interface, easy navigation a lot of
information of DS), crew, ships you name it, He got it.
Award winner of true StarTrek Site.

LCARS Federation Databank FD DSS AWARD WAD
This site is full of information about StarTrek, tips, games and more.
Got online shopping and are a top site of StarTrek. Double awarded by FD DSS 9912.18

Station Artist Corner FD DSS AWARD WAD
This website is created by a artist that makes great pictures of StarTrek.
Award wiinner 9906.16

Borg Information Node S
Site comments by webmaster : Easy and fast interface.
Graphics is fast, well made and colors are mixed toghteher in a nice way.
Databank information is fast to use, lot of technical information to read.
Award winner 200002.10

Guinas Bar and Grille FD DSS AWARD
A site about bar drinks, food and more in StarTrek.
Easy navigation and fast. Award winner 9912.26

West Coast Trekkers
This is the official Trekkers site in Sweden, all members their a great people.
They have information about the latest news in Sweden and the rest of the world.

Stockholm's Trekkers
The local fanclub and organization of Star Trek in Stockholm.

Daystrom Institute of Technology
With nice graphics and layout this site presents famous star fleet scientists
theories about a great many topics.

A good site, full of facts of StarTrek. Have a good database of books and more.

Seti @ Home
This is the global network of searech for aliens in space.
The FD DSS has joined, do it you to and help us to
make it possible of "FirstContact" as soon as possible.

Main Engineering
This site i like, dont know why but i do. Maybe the name ?

The Gateway
Not much to tell, good navigation. lot of info.
Awarded 9912.12

Sector 0-0-1
One of  the best guides to Star Trek information out there.
This is a place with all kinds of interesting stuff of StarTerk

S.P.O.C.K - The Official Fan Site
The Swedish band who makes ggreat music of Star Trek theam and StarWars theam

Star Trek: Continuum 
The official Star Trek site - Features the latest news and description of the newest episodes.

The Ultimate Star Trek Collection 
A great page with a lot of information about everything trek,
They are updaten the site from day to day and they are including information about all and
nothing of StarTrek 
Listing and rating of various star trek sites.

SF Databank
This is the main site for every StarTrek fan, and the home of Millenium Trek Award.

A site with information about culture politic history and more.