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B'Elanna Torres

Actress: Roxann Biggs
Rank: Lt
Full Name: B'Elanna Torres
B'Elanna Torres was born on Kessik IV. When she was five, her human father left her Klingon mother to bring her up. Torres hated the Klingon traditions her mother upheld and preferred to display her human characteristics. Subsequently, the relationship between her and her mother was often strained. Thirteen years later she joined Starfleet Academy. She argued constantly with her teachers and often violently clashed with her fellow cadets. During her time in Starfleet Academy, her father tried to contact her many times but she ignored him, to afraid to speak to him after so long. After this, she left Starfleet Academy and joined the Maquis. She served as Chief Engineer aboard the Maquis Ship 'Liberty'. When she first arrived, she was considered by Seska as a rival for Chakotay's affections. But the two soon became firm friends.