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Tom Paris

Actor: Robert Duncan McNeil
Rank: Lt
Full Name: Thomas Paris
Tom Paris had a pretty uneventful time in Star fleet Academy, in which pissed off a few admirals, found a girlfriend and went skiing. Unfortunately, while doing routine flying practice, he made a mistake and ended up killing his girlfriend, and two of his friends. He falcified reports but his own concience caused him to confess. After this, he became a pilot for the Maquis but when trying to get help for Chakotay's damaged vessel, he was captured by a Federation Starship. He was sent to the New Zealand penal colony where he was confronted by Captain Janeway, who asked him to deal the dirt on his Maquis friends. As a guest aboard Voyager, he attempted to chat up the betazoid pilot, who died, as a result of his efforts. He then took her place as pilot aboard Voyager.