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Actor: Ethan Phillips
Rank: Chef/Morale Officer/Ambassador/General Pain in the Ass
Full Name: Neelix
Neelix is a Talaxian (this accounts for his hairstyle and terrible dress-sense). He used to live on Rinax until a government cover-up forced him to leave the planet (he discovered a dead body in his garden shed). He pretended to join the military and lied about being a hero in several battles, when really he is a pacifist. After the Haakonians destroyed Rinax, killing all his family and friends, he left and joined another Talaxian on a trading vessel. During this time, he was addicted to the 24th-century equivalent of hash (wouldn't of thought he had it in him). After his new friend got arrested, he took the trading vessel to a planet called Ocampa where he met Kes. he saw she was being ill-treated and tried to steal water from her Kazon oppressors. He was discovered and had to hot foot it to his ship to escape with all his appendages intact.he remained in orbit of the planet until he met a strange ship. Guess what ship that was?