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Harry Kim

Actor: Garret Wang
Rank: Ensign
Full Name: Harry Kim
Right, before I go into any detail on the exciting life of Harry Kim, I need to clear something up with you: Harry Kim is the irritating young Ensign from the Voyager Series (all series must have one, according to Paramount!). He was born in 2349 and from an early age, was fascinated by music. He took up the Clarinet when he was five years old. However, it was Starfleet Academy that caught his imagination when, on a walk with his father, his father fell down a hole and Starfleet Cadets, on a training mission, rescued him. When Harry Kim saw them, he wanted to become one of them. He joined Starfleet Academy and was given a very nasty drill instructor. He got on very well with his room mate and only later found out his roommate was gay (Harry's own sexuality is questionable, but he refused). After this, his time at the Academy, and his service record, were exemplory. On his first mission he got posted to the Starship 'Voyager'