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Have No image... Actress: Jennifer Lien
Rank: Hydroponics Expert/Proud owner of several terrible haircuts
Full Name: Kes
Kes is the most well-developed three-year-old in the galaxy. She is an Ocampa (as if you didn't know that!) She grew up on Ocampa where she slagged off all the high priests 'n' stuff. When she was one she went up to the surface of Ocampa. She got captured by the Kazon Olga who made her a servant in their desert domain. The leader of the Kazon beat her to a pulp every day until she shot some other Kazon and he never beat her again. She was still being ill-treated by other Kazon until Neelix rescued her and brought her back to Voyager. Blah, blah, blah.