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Captain Janeway

Actress: Kate Mulgrew
Rank: Captain
Full Name: Kathryn Janeway
Captain Janeway entered Star Fleet in the hope of becoming a top class science officer with the possibility of being dispatched into deep space to survey stuff. However, she then met one Admiral Owen Paris. While on a mission with him, she was captured and tortured by Cardassians. She, Paris and another Lt Cmndr made a daring escape in which she saved the Lt Cmnr's life. he then became her fiancÚ. Tragically, during another mission, her fiancÚ and her father were killed under a polar ice cap. Distraught, she fell into a depression, but with the help of her mother and sister, returned to Star Fleet after falling in love with Mark Johnson. On returning to Star Fleet, she took command of Voyager. By the way, if you want to learn more grisly details about the rather unremarkable life of Captain Janeway, read Mosaic. Trust me, it's fascinating.