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Actor: Robert Beltran
Rank: Commander
Full Name: Chakotay
When Chakotay was very young, he was stuck on his planet. He hated all the traditions that his Indian parents upheld. When he was seventeen, some guy with a second name 'Sulu' (whose first name I can't remember), sponsored him for Starfleet Academy. He met Sveta and took a fancy to her. He left Starfleet Academy and was Commander aboard a Fed Starship, when he was approached by Sveta and asked to join the Maquis. He refused until the Cardassians vaporized his planet. After that, he fought Cardassians for about two years and fell in love with Seska (bitch). Everything was fine and dandy until, fleeing a Cardassian warship, his ship was scanned by a tetreon beam... Watch 'Caretaker' for the rest!